Our mission


Is to provide reliable service for Health, Safety, Environmental Risk and Quality Management through innovative technological approaches.

At [WIFAD],  we have changed the goal post where we demonstrate the ability for transformation and skill development as a critical parameters towards universal sustainability. Weencourage a new paradigm shift in our services,benchmarking our services to international standards. We agree with the current change in practice where the rellocation of focus is based on risk-based approach. In the mining sector, we are entirely in support of the set milestones where rewards are based on safe working practices towards zero harm (every worker shall return home unharmed to his/ her family everyday). elimination on TB, silicosis, coal preumoconiosiss and noise induced hearing loss. All of the above is achievable, only when the organisation has theknowledge regarding exposure stressors, exposure pathway, exposure event that will lead to risk, then later involves risk management. There are complicated programs and systems, which need to be developed, implemented, monitored and evaluated. As WIFAD we can make this a reality. 

Our vision


As the company we are vision driven in which we envisage to be recognised as the leading service provider in the field of Occupational and Environmental Health


Loyalty and reliability

Time cautious and goal driven



WIF AND DEVELOPMENT (WIFAD) in full refers to women infront and development. The company is build based on a principle of professionalism, equality, competency, research and new paradigm shift, aiming at creating a better business/ occupational environment. It is envisaged that we will assist our customer to provide a meaningful investment to the employees and community through innovative technological advancement and skill development. It is believed that the fourth industrial revolution is a crucial cornerstone to advance human development, prioritization of skill base employees and the creation of sustainable economic future for all