As the director of WIFAD, I am delighted that I have managed to pull a team of young African graduates, who are well experience to serve in current portfolios as outlined in the company. This is a dynamic team with a great potential for growth, where women empowerment and youth development is in the forefront. I believe this is the new era of developing a better working environment for all through engagement, active surveillance and the introduction of affordable, innovative solutions, which embraces informed decisions and best practices. As a team, we envisage leading institutions or our customers to inform Occupational Health practices better. We have noted gaps currently existing in cooperates and we have designed effective programs to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We believe in constructive engagements where our client become the owner of services we offer. In practice, we always put the needs of our customer or client before ours. We are unique in what we do and always thrive towards excellence.

Mr Masilu Daniel Masekameni

Business Advisor

Cell: 079 552 5654

Email: danielmasekameni@gmail.com


Mr Masekameni is a specialist in the field of Occupational and Environmental Health. He has over 12 years experience in the field where he worked as a practitioner in both government  and the private sector. His unique way of approaching facts has given him a resident in the company as an advisor. He has knowledge on program development and facilitation. His expertise is highly recognised and required in this company. The secrete behind each success is the bright and smart people behind such achievement.


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Dr Tafadzwa Makonese

Research and Innovation

Cell: 073 631 6666

Email: taffywandi@gmail.com


Dr Makonese is a specialist in the field of energy and air quality management. He has over 10 years experience in the field of Research and Innovation in both academic and the private sector. H e has advised International Organisations including the World Bank and the Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves (GACC). He is a member of the South African Energy Efficiency Association (SAEE), the National Association for Clean Air (NACA), and the Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ). His expertise is highly recognised and required in this company


Mr Shalala Leonel Mgwambani

Head of Occupational Hygiene

Cell: 060 787 77157/ 081 735 0683

Email: mgwambanis@gmail.com

Mr Mgwambani has worked as a consultant in the field of Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Management, he has also played a vital role especially in Occupational Hygiene Monitoring and Technical operations during his tenure in his former affiliate. He has a good working approach on Occupational and Environmental Exposure Assessment and Control. His hard work and dedication has made him to become a young emerging Head of Occupational Hygiene in this company. Therefore, there is no doubt that his experience and abilities will see the company contributing positively through provision of reliable and valuable services to our clients. The best association is when you surround yourself with people who see a bright future ahead of you. 


Miss Mosima Success Letsoalo

Head of Human Resource and Quality Management

Cell: 065 945 9508

Email: successletsoalo@gmail.com

Miss Letsoalo is a specialist in the field of Occupational Health and Management Systems. She has worked as a Health and Safety Practitioner in a private sector. She has knowledge in Management Systems that enhance workplace Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Sustainability. Her expertise and knowledge are recognised and considered essential for the growth of this company, and since she joined this company she heads the prestigious position as a Head of Human Resources and Quality Management in this Company.


Mr Kevin Kasangana

Head of Occupational Safety

Cell: 071 940 1590

Email: kevinkas93@gmail.com

Mr Kasangana is an expert in the field of Occupational and Environmental Health. He has about five years experience in the field where he has practised in both academic and research institutions as a Medical Scientist and Student Assistant. He has facilitated training for Occupational and Environmental Health Courses at a local and International recognised companies over the the past two years. He then joined this company as a Head of Occupational Safety Division. The secret behind his success is the earnest desire to continuously satisfy the needs of the clients.


Miss Lerato Assurance Mkhabela

Head of Environmental Management

Cell: 076 375 2293


Miss Lerato Assurance Mkhabele is a dedicated consultant. She has gained knowledge in the field of Environmental Management over the years. Her knowledge and experience in the field of Environmental Health  in both public and private sector earned her the call to join WIF AND DEVELOPMENT  as a Head of Environmental Management Division. Her knowledge and remarkable skills are highly valued in this company. Success is not final, failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts.


The director and founder of WIF AND DEVELOPMENT (PTY) LTD have a well established experience in leading a private entity as a director, providing a range of consultancy services for Safety, Health, Environmental services in both public and the private sector in her previous affiliations.

Mrs Jeanet Masekameni

Chief Executive Officer

Cell: 076 939 4483

Email: info@wifad.co.za